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Berlin is not only one of the world’s most vibrant cities, it’s where the world comes together. The metropolis is not only the most international city in Germany; it has been a pioneer in LGBTQ+ rights, advocating for diversity and freedom. 

Berlin is as motley as its people, the majestic buildings of the Museum Island reminiscent of a time of glory and economic growth, whilst its Wall will forever be a reminder of a dark period. Its resilient character has made it the buzzing city of today. Berlin is not only beer, Currywurst and the Brandenburg Gate. If you are looking to immerse yourself in the queer scene, local gay guide will take you on a private tour where you’ll visit the Hafen and Saint Jean bars, or to the famous Boiler sauna. If you are interested in the activism of the community, you will visit the iconic Eisenherz book shop. 

Berlin’s best kept secret 

The 10th floor of Motel One’s Upper West on Kantstraße. The bar offers striking views of the Gedächtniskirche and Tiergarten area and gives you a great opportunity to chill on their terrace with nice cocktails. 


Once an important port for immigrants to the New World, Hamburg might be rainy, but the people are still gay – pun intended. The maritime landscape of the city is unique to Germany. The elegance of the Elbe Philharmonic adds elegance to the docks, providing contrast at the same time to the tough work of fishermen and dockers. 

The LGBTQ+ scene is everywhere, although the district St. Georg is known as the gayest neighbourhood in Hamburg. The area does not run low in gay bars, clubs and porn cinemas. If you want to travel like a resident, local gay guide can take you on a tour according to your mood. 

If you are looking for adrenaline, The Mystery Hall in St Pauli is your place to cruise. If you prefer a more conventional sort of ‘relaxation’ the Dragon Sauna is well known. 

Hamburg’s best kept secret 

Do not miss the peninsula Entenwerder, where you can have delicious cakes and coffee as well as light dishes.


Probably the proudest city! Cologne will challenge all your German clichés. When you think of beer, do you think of the giant Oktoberfest glasses? The local brew Kölsch Bier is served in a rather cute-sized glass. Not a beer fan? Luckily, you’ll find world famous vineyards in the surroundings. Are Germans serious? Just visit the city during Carnival and you’ll find yourself surrounded by friendly strangers chanting “Kölle Alaaf!”. Probably thinking a larger city will be more diverse? Just a second, Cologne is the self-proclaimed gay capital with more than 100.000 locals being members of the LGBTQ+ community. 

If you’re thinking, well, I do look for some
culture as well… Cologne is the right place. The impressive Gothic cathedral, at 516 ft high, is the second tallest church in Europe. Although you can go up to the towers, local gay guide will probably take you to the KölnTriangle, which offers the most striking views of the city. 

Cologne’s best kept secret 

Do you fancy a chilled stroll along the Rhine Promenade? Just add a brunch at one of the beautiful cafes in the area and you’ll feel like a real Kölner. 


What do you get combining picturesque landscapes with a major city? The answer is easy: the Millionendorf. Often appearing on the most gay-friendly lists, Munich’s affectionate name explains how Munich sometimes may seem like a small town in the countryside if you forget the tiny detail that it’s one of the most important cities in Germany. The city offers the perfect opportunity to see the traditional Germany: people enjoying an after work drinks in the beer gardens, some of them even wearing Lederhosen – not just a fancy dress for Oktoberfest! 

If you want something more active, you can go for a bicycle tour while you visit the most interesting museums or even partake at a surfing session in the middle of the city! For something more peaceful, go for a stroll to the English Garden – which may seem straight out of a fairy tale. Don’t be surprised if you come across naked people – there’s a nudist area! Local gay guide will definitely include a beer stop at the Biergarten am Chinesischen Turm. The Glockenbachviertel will show you why Munich is trendy and of course, gay! 

Munich’s best kept secret 

Once you’ve seen the city, enjoy the sunset at the rooftop terrace from the Hotel Deutsche Eiche on Reichenbachstraße, which also has a well-known sauna area. 

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