The year 2021 was an uncertain one in terms of Pride events, with many celebrations around the globe being cancelled or downsized, due to the pandemic.

But that didn’t stop Copenhagen in Denmark and Malmö in Sweden from staging one of the best and most important WorldPrides and EuroGames ever.

You are Included was the theme of this year’s WorldPride, and we took that inclusion message to heart, with thousands upon thousands of people from all over the planet coming together to celebrate our fantastic LGBTQ+ community.

Pride isn’t just a celebration and a chance to have a good time. It’s an important political statement, and with WorldPride 2021’s focus on human rights and equality, as well as arts, diversity, awareness, and – yes, OK – having a brilliant party, Pride has never been more relevant especially when there are still over 70 countries which criminalise same-sex activities, and over 10 which can still put us to death for loving whom we choose to love.
So, thanks, Copenhagen and Malmö for a great WorldPride and EuroGames. Enjoy the great celebratory images on the following pages.

And remember the Pride season in 2022 is going to be terrific. Most Prides in the UK rely on volunteers so contact your local Pride now and see what you can do to help.

We promise you, you will have the time of your life, and you will be playing your own special part in furthering LGBTQ+_ equality both here and across the globe.

Stay proud. Stay included.

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